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5 axis birotative head, patented, with fork structure made of cast iron that can assure high accuracy during piece machining. Machining head is equipped with hydraulic brakes on A and C axis. C axis movement is managed by torque motor while for A axis is activated by double motor with torque multiplier and back-lash resetting.

Technical data:

C axis:


A axis:

Rotation maximum speed  60 rpm Rotation maximum speed 60 rpm
Maximum acceleration  3600°/s2 Maximum acceleration 2880°/s2
Nominal torque S1/100%  690 Nm Nominal torque S1/100% 750 Nm
Maximum torque  1250 Nm Maximum torque 1400 Nm
Rotation angle  ± 360°       Rotation angle +135°/-110°
Braking torque   4080 Nm Braking torque  2800 Nm
Positioning accuracy (VDI 3441) 14arc/sec Positioning accuracy (VDI 3441) 14 arc/sec
Repeatibility accuracy (VDI 3441) 7 arc/sec Repeatibility accuracy (VDI 3441) 7 arc sec
Direct measuring system  yes Direct measuring system yes
C-axis is equipped with one torque motor with embedded cooling system
A-axis is equipped with two torque motors with embedded cooling system