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Belotti is worldwide recognized as a leader company in 3 and 5 axis water jet cutting technology . Belotti SpA strongly believes in this application field and since the end of 1980 the company has improved this technology.

Working principle is based on the cutting performance of a water jet pressurised over 4000 bar. In this machining centres, water flows inside a nozzle with a diameter between 0,1mm and 0,45mm that turns pressure into an high speed water jet. There are two cutting procedures: with pure water or with abrasive to increase the erosion power of the water on large thickness as well as metals, potteries, rock and bullet-proof glass.

The water cutting technology is very flexible and can be used for different application fields: aerospace, composites, civil and industrial, wood, textile and paper, automotive and food.


  • WING JET series

    The boost to innovation is the keystone to Belotti's activity. All our machining centers have been designed with the aim of increasing our Customers' productivity. With this purpose in mind, we designed and built our new water jet model WING JET. This compact cutting cent ...

  • CPT WJ

    The boost to innovation is the keystone to Belotti's activity. All Belotti S.p.A. machining centres have been designed to increase our Customer's productivity. With this in mind, CPT water jet cutting center ...

  • TRIM WJ / FLA WJ / CB2 / MDL

    Belotti has developed a series of large-sized systems for 5-axis abrasive and pure-water applications for the aeronautical, automot ...