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Milling process

Milling process description

The milling process is a type of machining that allows modeling in complex forms and trimming pieces of several materials such as metal, wood, plastic, composites etc. and meanwhile the removal of chips and processing residues. The milling is carried out using machine such as milling machines or machining centres.

Unlike other simpler processes, milling requires the rotation of a multi-sharp tool, with a defined geometry, mounted on a spindle and the simultaneous movement of the motorized axes (or of the clamping table): the cutting head removes material from the workpiece when this come into contact with the cutter.

The working process usually consists of a first roughing cycle in which the removal of material is done as quickly and economically as possible while leaving a sufficient layer of material for the following finishing stage, where the removal of limited material allows to respect of the initial project regards the tolerances of the dimensions and the degree of roughness of the surfaces. In this way it is possible to gets slots, crown moldings, enlarging holes, etc..

Among the various types of milling machines available on the market, Belotti S.p.A. produces the most modern centres with computerized numerical control (CNC) with 3 and 5 axis, reaching through the years a global leadership in the production and marketing of both machining centres and waterjet cutting for the aerospace, automotive and composites industry.
This kind of machinery mounts automatic systems for the rapid replacement of the tools: starting from the raw material is therefore possible to obtain the finished product without any intervention of the operator, and making the production ycle faster and above all economic.

Belotti machining centres have no limits in the kind of processes and shapes available. Thanks to their sturdy and monolithic structure, they can absorb the severe vibrations caused by the motorized cutting head and reaching very high speeds even on the hardest materials for which are used lubricating fluids and coolants. With proper maintenance and adequate working environment, the limits of Belotti working centres actually go down to the order of microns ensuring the customer the absolute reliability.

Thanks to the highly skilled technical department and the strong attention to market requirements and needs, Belotti S.p.A. has developed the capability of answering to cutomer production question.

The Belotti S.p.A. production range is characterized by two specific approaches for project development:
- Standard machine lines with an extreme variety of options and solutions to tailor the perfect production system to each customer expectation;
- machine and full system customization starting from the design department in close connection with the customer to develop, produce and deliver the most suited and final turnkey solution.

the Belotti S.p.A. always maintains the composites and aluminium part maching developing technologies as main focus and driving force to be able to satisfy and exeed the always growing and challenging market demands.