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NOVA Series

3 and 5 axis machining center

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Belotti NOVA CNC machining centers have a sturdy monolithic structure with a double rail system on both sides of the baseframe, allowing the maximum rigidity of the gantry during the operations. The NOVA is capable to machine several materials, such as aluminum and composites, ensuring the best performances through a 15 or 30 kW electrospindle and high performance piece clamping systems. The optional 5-axis head, compact and equipped with rotary axis locking system and Heidenhain direct drive encoders, enables to reach high quality and accurate machining of elaborated pieces. The easy and quick set up, thanks to the piece centering laser systems , makes this router extremely performing. CSRS is an optional patented equipment, especially designed for aluminium stack routing.


Machining center NOVA series: Aluminium vacuum table
Machining center NOVA series: Moving gantry

CSRS: Caterpillar Stack Routing System
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 Machining center NOVA double independent
head 3+5 axis and suction hood
Machining Center NOVA double bridge

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