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TRIM Series

5 axis machining center

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Sturdy, accurate and absolutely reliable, the new TRIM series by Belotti S.p.A. is the show-piece of 5-axis machining centers dedicated to the trimming of plastics and composite materials. Like the previous MKN model, the new TRIM machining center ensures extreme accessibility to the work area, so that the jig is easily accessible. The working qualities of the TRIMS series meet any requirements in terms of machining speed and quality. Among the various options, the automated loading/unloading systems (rotary tables and twin shuttle) allow fast clamping, saving precious time.



Aluminum vacuum table with T slots

Double independent gantry for simoultaneus machining

Machining unit with 4 independent electrospindles 

Motor with automatic tool change

TRIM duble independent bridge for automotive industry

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