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3 and 5 axis waterjet cutting center

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The boost to innovation is the keystone to Belotti's activity. All Belotti S.p.A. machining centres have been designed to increase our Customer's productivity. With this in mind, CPT water jet cutting center was born in partnership with KMT, worldwide leader in the production of high pressure intensifiers. This CNC cutting center will allow complex cutting on many different materials. Pure water jet version, with pressures from 3800 to 4100 bar, enables cutting of materials such as rubber, composites, paper and food. Hydroabrasive version, with pressures up to 6000 bar, is suitable for metal and stone cutting.

 Technical specifications
Axis X 2 m / 3 m / 4 m
Axis Y 1.6 m / 2 m / 3 m / 4 m / 6 m
8 m / 12 m
Axis Z 250 mm (3 axis version)
350 mm (5 axis version)
SPINDLE up to 80.000 rpm (X,Y) 60 m/min(Z)
CNC Osai Open M, Fanuc
High pressure
30 hp / 50 hp / 100 hp


Double 5-axis independent head Triple 3-axis cutting head
CPT 3015 AWJ 3 and 5 axis    5-axis cutting head, 3-axis milling head, tool change
CPT  5-axis cutting head