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WING JET series

3 and 5 axis waterjet cutting center

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The boost to innovation is the keystone to Belotti's activity. All our machining centers have been designed with the aim of increasing our Customers' productivity. With this purpose in mind, we designed and built our new water jet model WING JET. This compact cutting centre has been designed to reduce overall dimensions and enables piece loading/unloading on the three sides. Besides, as both high pressure pump and electrical cabinet are integrated with the machine, no hydraulic / pneumatic/ electrical feeding is left on the floor. The cantilever structure is managed by rectified slideways with ball-recirculation pads, while movement transmission is achieved by ball-recirculation screws. All mechanical parts are protected by stainless steel covers with multiple labyrinths and by water and abrasive-proof bellows.



5-axis machining center with double independent heads
3-axis machining head